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Same remark than the one for episodes 4 and 5, I already reached some level but I shall terminate the episode 2 at first.

Endor Moon

The Ender moon covered with forests shelters the generators which maintain the Death Star shield and which is located in the close vicinity of the planet with the complete Empire fleet close to it.

The Endor texture is inpired by the one which already exists for Celestia. I increased its resolution to reach 16384 x 8192 and kept only the transparency outlines. Then, I feel them with pictures of lakes and see and with a mix of Wyoming, Texas and others.

Thydirium shuttle

The rebels have to the empire stolen a Thyridium shuttle which is used to cross the barring Super Star Destroyer Executor and its flotilla under the command of Darth Vader. They will be able to reach the Endor moon to botch the Death Star shield generator. After a tough battle and numerous losses the victory will be in the hand of the alliance.


The Darth Vader commanding vessel is 12 kilometers lenght ! the Star destroyer imperial vessels with just 1.2 km appears as nuts when comparing. In the background, we can see Endor under an other angle.

Due to its extreme building cost, the Super Star Destroyer Executor is unique. It is under the direct command of Darth Vader himself. Its control tower beign destroyed, It is totally under of control and will pierce through the Death Star guts like a dagger.

Tie fighter

The Empire fighting flying power is essentially composed with the Tie fighters. Here, we can see the oldest one which is built by Siennar Fleet Systems.

Numerous variants of this model will be designed, like the Darth Vader Tie-Advanced X1. This one being too expensive will be finally replaced by the Tie-Interceptor in the sixth episode. the interceptor can be seen here-under.

Tie Interceptor

The Tie-Interceptor, faster than its old brother, is the most powerful fighter of the empire. The 3d model has been created by Jim bassett, they are designed with the pilot which gave me the idea to insert a pilot in each cockpit. It is a superb design in 3ds which works directly in Celestia. Some other lighter models without pilot are integrated in the addon when the scene is requiring many vessels.

The Death Star 2

The second Death Star is under construction in the vicinity of the Endor moon. Smaller but more powerful than the first one, it is protected by strength field powered by the generators installed on the small moon.

The rebel squadron will try to desactive this protection shield with the help of the peaceful Ewoks living on this planet.