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2001 a space odyssey

Soyouz 4 and 5

Saliout 1 and Soyouz 11

Soyouz ASTP and Apollo 18





The N1 Launcher

50 years of Spoutnik 2



The following vessels are included in the «Back in USSR packs»:

Spoutnik 2 Spoutnik 3, Saliout 1 and Saliout 6, Soyouz 4, Soyouz 5, Soyouz 11, Soyouz 26, Soyouz 27, Soyouz Tma2 and SoyouzTm25

Soyouz 19, Apollo 18 (Apollo 18 has been modified by myself but created by Shrok).
On the Moon: Soyouz Lok,Lunniy Lunar Module korabl, Luna 17, Lunokhod 1 , the N1 launcher

Page updated on Feb 26, 2008

Do note that the «Back in USSR vessels» are very detailed and carry on nice and realistic textures, so their average size is about 3 Mbytes.

Description of the «Back in USSR» Soviet spatial fleet add-on

The vessels are flying at the real dates, also, they are just visible at that moment. In order to look at them easily use the url page which will place you at the right time and the right place ; then insert a bookmark in Celestia to retrieve it easily. In most of the cases, the best is to open the script which is provided with some packs (N1 launcher and Soyouz 4-5-eva). In Celestia and for the time being, you will be able to see, in real time, the Soyouz 4 and 5 rendezvous in the space (January 1969) with their approach to each other, the mooring and the transfer of the cosmonauts from one module to the other. The same for Apollo and Soyouz 19 just above Spain in 1975. The flying equations being very complex and according to the rare data regarding the Russian engines ; the rendezvous are on a circular orbit for the time being even if they are performed at the right speed and the correct latitudes and longitudes (Soyouz 4 and 5 and Apollo+Soyouz ASTP). The add-on data have been obtained from the following internet site For the Soyouz 4 and 5, it is that site which provides me with the maps, positions and periods during which the Saliout 6 station received its three Soyouz visits. However; the approach orbits are not computed yet and hybrid vessels are used for the approach and the mooring. Saliout 1 and Soyouz 11 are also meeting in real-time ; however, I just got new data and I will be able to adjust the ssc file. The textures are realised with free pictures found on the Net (Google, Capcom site pictures) and reprocessed with the GIMP under Linux. Modelling has been performed with 3dsMax.

I am relating some steps of the Soviet Space Conquest which is so unknown ; also, I prepared some demo scripts like the Soyouz 4 and 5 one. The rocket take-off are integrated now and I modified the famous N1 launcher which should have brought the LOK Soyouz and the LK lunar module to the Moon (It is just simulated now). The N1 launcher take-off is integrated in the pack N1-Moon now. My friend Gilles Morére proceeded to the calculation according to the program and spread-sheet which pictures are shown below.

WARNING: Celestia 1.50 being available, some formula included in the scripts shall be modified along with the scripts. Until this time, Celestia 1.41 shall be used. Due note that both versions can be used in the same machine. Just install it in an other directory and start 1.41 with its own shortcut.

You will be able to find the computing programs to realize the ssc files of

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