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Under Construction : I already got most of the vessels and planets, the here-under pictures are about two years old.

The Hoth planet

The rebel base is installed on Hoth. It is designed with Canada and alaska satellite pictures treated with the Gimps and converted from tga into dds with fileconverter under MS-DOS. The new rebel base will be discovered with the droid probe dispatched by the empire.

In SWS and for Hoth battle sequence, we found a lot of vessels out of which the snowspeeders and the AT-AT .

The Millennium Falcon

The Falcon with Leia princess onboard is one of the last vessels leaving the rebel base under the Empire attack.

The millennium Falcon is one of the legendary vessels of Georges Lucas saga. We find it in the «Star Wars» but we can also shortly watch it in the third episode. Originally, it is a light cargo type YT-1300. His owner modified it in doubling its propulsion power and installing on-board machine guns. While appearing an out-dated vessel, it is one the fatest in the galaxy.

Bespin Cloud City

The atmosphere of Bespin being unbreathable, the Cloud City is settled in the clouds and the high atmospher. the inhabitants exploit the Tibanna gaz refinery. Millenium Falcon will take refuge in this city after a chasing course with the Tie-fighters in an asteroid fiel. Bespin The texture is coming from Venus but browned. Babba Feet will take delivery of Han Salo in the carbonite block and bring him back to Jabba in Tatooine.

T-65 X-Wing

The Luke Skywalker T-65 X-Wing is leaving Dagobah, the Yoda planet and rush to carry help to his friend on Bespin.

Origninally, the X-Wing Starfighter was a secret project of Incom Corporation. The empire blocks the company assets claiming the it was bringing help to the rebel alliance. Some Incom engineers were able to escape with two fighters and brought to the rebellion the best galaxy fighter.

The EP5 Slave One

And we can see again the Slave One with its author orginal textures (realized by A. Wiro). Boba Feet, the Django Feet's son is piloting the mandalorian vessel and is going to deliver his new trophy to Jabba. Originally, the Slave One is a patrol and assault vessel built by Siennar Industries for the mandalorian police. Bobba proceeded to major modifications including radard and shields along with heavy comouflage system.

The ISD rear bridge

Ahead of taking refuge on Bespin, during the Hoth battle, the falcon moores on the rear bridge of the imperial cruiser.

At the same time, the empire forces are searching it everywhere and will ask the premium hunter to help them finding it and we will see appearing again Bobba Feet and his Slave One.