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Star Wars Exhibition

Back in USSR

Both Vessels and Planets design is in process. Many vessels of this episode are not available on scfi3d

Anakin Starfighter

The first vessels of the third episode are just beginning to be available on the scfi3d site. Here, we can watch the ETA2 jedifighter with deployed blades and under three colors : yellow, red and bule. The Max7 format has been converted into wrml then opened with Accutrans 3d for rendering and texturing to be finally converted in 3ds.

here-under, we can watch the same model but in blue, it is opening the third episode.

ETA-2 Starfighter

The Actis ETA-2 interceptor built by Kuat Systems Engineering is equipped with two twin laser guns and two secundary ionic guns, it hyperdrive ring is a Syliure-45. It is 2.5 meters height with its deployed wing, 5.47m length with 4.3 m width.

With an acceleration of 5200 G and a speed of 15000 km/h, it embarks a pilot and a astromesh droid.

Kenobi starfighter

We can see it in red with its blades folded, it is the one of Ben Kenobi.

The 3d ETA2 Jedifighter originals have been designed by David Combe

In the background, we can see the Venator Republic Attack Cruiser from Daniel Broadway.

TD Tri-FighterB>

The TD-trifighter droid fighter from the Federation has been created by Joscha Heusohn. I converted it originally from a 3d dxf format which brought a lot of work to obtain a usable model. I plane to redesign it from a 3dsMax7 version which is also available on the scfi3d site.

The TD-trifighter is built in the Colla Designs and Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries factories. It is 5.4 m length and 3.45 width. Drive by an integrated droid-brain, it is a formidable fighter with a large range at a 37000 km/h speed and a 3600 G accelaration.

Clone Trooper

An orginal design of Emilio Lorenzo, the Third episode Clone has been a very tough work of conversion and modification to obtain a workable unit. It is available also in red and yellow. Three or four different clone models are also available in StarWarSaga second episode.

Legacy S Destroyer

We are looking at the Legacy Star Destroyer just above Kashyyk, the wookies planet.

Originally designed by howard Day, this model is born after the third episode release. then, this version has never been used in the film. I believe I will finally used the Venator Republic Attack Cruiser far more light and faithful with the film scenario.


Mustaphar is a lava planet where the leaders of the Trade Federation took refuge. Anakin moved to the dark side and henceforth carry the name of Darth Vader. He is there to massacre the Trade Federation Viceroy and his suite.

Both Padmee and Obi wan Kenobi are joining that planet to meet Anakin. Then both Jedis will fight each other in a famous laser sabre duel.