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Production Jean-Marie Le Cospérec Episode under construction, A beta not fully finished versionis available on the following site

Django Feet

Django Feet and his Slave one vessel on the landing plate-forme of Tipoca capital city of the Kamino Planet. Olivier Couston realize this model with very nice textures. In fact, the personage is Bobba-Feet, the DJango Feet's son. I adapted the textures to have them fitted with the second episode profile.

We will find Bobba Feet again in the fourth and fifth episodes.


The original model of Slave One has been designed by A. Wiro with excellent textures. It is the basically model for the fifth and sixth episodes. I redesigned some textures to adapt the model of the second episode version

The demo screenshot represents it around the Geonosis planet when Ben Kenobi is chasing Django Feet. The Geonosis texture comes from a high resolution picture of the Venus planet and which has been tinted in red-orange.


Tipoca City is the capital city of the Kamino planet. I did everything myself with 3dsmax. I have to train me seriously but it comes within the time !

I added Ben Kenobi on the site along with the Kaminoans and the clones. I already reworks the modele to improve it.

Jedi Starfighter

Ben Kenobi takes refuge on an asteroid waiting to restart his flight towards Geonosis, the planet inhabited by insectoids. Geonosis sheltered the ennemy of the Republic under the rule of the Dukoo earl.

I add Ben Kenobi into the cockpit with a slight modification of the texture. There is a version with the Hyper-ring and the landing gear retracted. The model has been created by Ricardo C. Beux. There is another Ben Kenobi who has been created from existing person legs, arms and heads and which can be seen here and here.

Padmee appartment

When I said that I improved myself in 3d design, I refer to the Padmee appartment which includes her bedroom, the living room and the vestibule. The appartment is inserted in the Padmee building on the scfi site. I also designed the lift and the lift

The people positionning is really the most difficult part of the game.

The Padmee bedroom

The Padmee bedroom with R2D2 which is watching. A robot-killer which is able to introduce venomous worms through the window. But, the Jedi will arrive just in time to save Padmee.

We can see a night vision of Galactic-city, Coruscant capital city, through the window. The bedroom can also be seen under an other angle here , The appartment has been designed under 3dsmax7

Jarjar Minister

JarJar, the Gundan is now a minister. He is going to welcome Ben Kenobi and Anakin in the Padmee appartment.

JarJar is going to ask the Senate to give full strenght to Palpatine.

Palpatine office

I designed the Palpatine office myself, the furniture excepted which I found on 3dcafé

As for the Padmee flat, it is inserted in a building and we can follow the scenario from outside.

An other view can be seen Here