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Star Wars exhibition


Production Jean-Marie Le Cospérec The version 1 is operating and can be downloaded on :The celestiamotherlode

The Radian VII Cruiser

The cruiser from the Radian VII republic is going to leave the Coruscan planet which is the capital of the galactic Republic. The original model of the cruiser has been produced by Alan Rivard. To make it compatible with Celestia, I just adapt the textures to make them compatible with the soft..

I produced myself the Coruscant planet in 16384 x 8192 pixels in the tga format with The Gimp under Linux then it has been converted into dds format with fileconverter under ms dos. You can have a close look to Coruscant in dds sous linux puis convertie au format dds avec fileconverter sous ms dos. Voici Coruscant de prés en dds coruscant details


On board Radian VII around Naboo, the Jedis berth the capital vessel of the Trade Federation to make ceasing the blockage inflicted to the Naboo kingdom.

The droid control ship original model is realised by Mayer Matthias. the textures have been completely modified in order to give them a more realistic shape. We can see in the background the Naboo planet which I realized with satellite pictures and the same software used for Coruscant.

Droid Control Ship

An other view of the Capital ship of the Trade Federation which controls all droids. Anakin will destroy it launching a proton torpedo salvo from his N1 Naboo fighter.

In the StarWarSaga, we can see in the demo the Naboo fighter flying inside the capital ship and getting out just before its destruction. The model is very detailed and a lighter version will be used in the second and third episode.

The Queen Amidala

On Naboo, we can see a view of the Queen palace in Theed with the queen Amidal in front, we have a superb view on the tiling.

For the High resolution file, both Queen Amidala and room textures have been modified.

There is a new version than the one displayed on the left with modified textures and which is located in the Amidala's flat on Coruscant..

The Turret Room is realized by Topa. Other pictures of the Turret-room are availablehere.

The Theed palace

Tobias Schmidt has designed in 3d the Theed palace but with very poor textures, also I redesigned it with pictures of Montpellier old stones then I installed it on rocks. However, with the pictures taken in the Star Wars exhibition, I will modified it to get the real texture on some buildings.

Some trade Federation robots control the access to the palace and some queen maiden are out for a walk.


The Naboo fighter

The Naboo fighter flies over Naboo. The model has been created by André Müller.

I adapted the textures to fit them for Celestia then I added the jet engine combustion fire then I installed the pilots in the cockpit. An other version is avaiblable with Anakin Skywalker in the cockpit.

The Naboo fighter is equipped with two sublimic jet engines, two laser guns and proton torpedos. It is built by the engineers of the Thedd Royal Palace Space Fleet.

The Jedi temple

The chamber of the Jedi supervisory board with Mace Windu and Yoda. In the SWS scenario, we can see some vessels in the sky.

The Jedi Temple The Jedi temple is originally designed in 3d by Ian Foster and the Supervisory board chamber as well. I just combine them and change the textures.

The pods race

StarWarSaga Episode I includes some scenarios with numerous pod-racers with the 3d race circuit. I just invite you to discover them on the Jeam-Tag web site. A complete page is dedicated to thePod-Racers .

I have been able to look carefully at the model during the Star Wars exhibition, however the pictures I took are blurred.

New Anakin pod

I just finished the redesigned of the Anakin's pod. I have been able to took some good pictures during the Star Wars exhibition then transform them into textures. The result is impressive, not yet totally finished but nearly to be.

Here is a picture of the real Anakin Raced Pod which has been used in the film. There is some other pictures in the Star Wars exhibition pictures page.